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How may we support you?

We are happy to assist you regarding bookings, tickets, baggage or special services. You will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) online here.

We offer our customers a 24/7 hotline (+43 1 909 45 00) which is free of charge but you can also reach us by e-mail ( You will always receive your booking confirmation by e-mail.

If you request our service team to modify or cancel your booking, martiGO will charge you a service fee of EUR 25 per person and flight ticket. This fee is completely independent from the fee that the airline company may charge you for the requested change.

We also provide booking service by phone. Please note that we demand a service fee of EUR 15 per person and ticket.

Our Hotlines

Country Phone Number
Austria +43 1 909 45 00
Germany +49 69 333 98 011
Turkey +90 850 840 62 91
other countries +43 1 909 45 00

Customer service by mail

Contact for travel requests: E-mail:
Contact ombudsman: E-mail:

Customer service address:

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