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Disclaimer - Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The website was created by Tribus Business GmbH and is currently updated. The company headquarter is based in Vienna, Austria. By using our website, the user also agrees to these terms and conditions of use, as well as the other conditions of martiGO such as the privacy policy.
  2. martiGO holds the freedom to change the terms and conditions at any given time. Hence, it is the users’ responsibility to check them before using a service, as the actual terms are those that are valid.
  3. The content (e.g. texts, photos, videos, logos) is only provided for informative purposes and should facilitate the ordering process. It is possible that ordering our products You may not be able to order our products from any and every country except for Austria.
  4. martiGO is not liable for any cosst or damages that result either directly or indirectly from using our website. MartiGO is also not responsible for the validity of the content of the websites owned by third parties, even if directs you to that website. The information and visuals provided by third parties on their website may be incomplete or incorrect. It is also possible that they have additional terms and conditions. The offers are nonbinding and we cannot be held accountable for misinformation. The terms and conditions apply to each and every user, be it users that have already finalized a booking via or those who have not.
  5. The intellectual property and copyrights of the content on always belongs to martiGO and cannot be copied directly or modified to be used by third parties without the approval of martiGO.
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  7. We do not disclose customer data to third parties except for when we are legally obliged to do so. maritGO uses cookies to provide you with personalized offers. Users can delete their cookies and change the settings regarding cookies in the internet browser they use. The amount of content that is visible to each user depends on their cookie settings. More information about cookies can be found in our privacy policy.
  8. martiGO is not obliged to check each user comment to make sure that it is correct and does not violate any law. martiGO is allowed to use these comments, photos and videos sent by users for its own purposes.
  9. The law that covers all agreements including martiGO or using its services is Austrian law and the state of authority is Vienna. Even if some of the conditions stated above are entirely or partially invalid, it does not nullify the other conditions; these remain valid.
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